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Hip Hop Scholars Educational Music CD

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Funky Hip-Hop Beats Meets Academics, to Educate Kids and Entertain Parents

Hip Hop Scholars was founded by Kasey Phillips Brown, LCSW. Kasey is a wife, mother and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has always had a love for music and is a strong advocate for education in a child's early years. Kasey was inspired to create Hip Hop Scholars after having 2 very energetic boys within a 19 month span. She realized that they were growing so fast and that this was the best time to capture their attention in order to increase their learning. However, she did not want to just create something for the kids to enjoy she wanted to make sure that the music would also entertain her. Kasey realized that there were other people who wanted to spend more quality time with their kids dancing and singing, yet wanted to make sure that the kids were being educated too. Thus came HIP HOP SCHOLARS. 

Our audience consists of people who are ready to introduce the kids in their life to an exciting and entertaining way of learning. We are interested in helping to relieve the stress that often comes with teaching a child the fundamentals of academics, social and developmental skills. We love Hip-Hop and we know it is a great way to help kids stay focused when they are trying to acquire new knowledge and techniques. 

Each song has a specific educational focus: 

1. Number 1 Let’s Have Some Fun 
(Parts of the Body) 

2. 2 of a Kind 
(Animals at the Zoo)

3. On the Count of 3 

4. 1-2-3-4 Everybody Do your Chores 
(Household chores and cleaning tools) 

5. 5 Stars in the Sky 
(Transition to sleep-Sun,Moon,Stars) 

6. 6 Best Friends 
(Places to have fun and what you do there) 

7. 7 days of the week 
(What happens in a week) 

8. 8 Colors in My Rainbow 
(Colors of different things) 

9. 9 Snack Time 
(Healthy Snack ideas) 

10. 10 Miami Style 
(Parent/Child interaction 

11. Oooh Yeah! 1-10 
(Review of numbers 1-10) 

People who have endorsed Hip Hop Scholars: Counting 1-10 
Stay at Home Parents 
Social Workers 
Marriage and Family Therapists 
Occupational Therapists 
Day Care Providers 
Pre-school Teachers 
Account Representatives 
Math Teachers 
College Students 
Grand Parents 
any many more

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