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Merriam-Webster's dictionary, defines a Life Coach as an advisor who helps people make decisions,

set and reach goals, or deal with problems. At New Perspectives, we not only meet that definition, we provide additional support in a warm and safe environment that focuses on results.

Our Life Coach program can assist you in improving your life in these areas:

  • Relationship

  • Career

  • Family

  • Money

  • Balancing life

  • Health & Body

  • ​Communication

  • Other areas that you feel are preventing you from having the life you want.​



Our one-on-one life coaching program consists of individual coaching scheduled on an as needed basis. There is an initial face to face consultation and then depending on the need and the identified goals the future appointments can be scheduled as in office visits or coaching via text or email.


"Kasey has provided me with skills to assist me with organizing my family. By providing recipes for quick meals, creating chore charts and providing education on age appropriate responsibilities she helped me in engage my family so now responsibilities are shared and not just my job." M.C.

"Kasey helped me on the morning I had to view my father's body before the world said goodbye to him. I couldn't even get out of my bed and out of nowhere her text came asking me if I was okay. She walked me through one of my deepest moments of grief helping me to understand that it was okay to have that moment in order to move to the next moment." M.L.W.


Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops

Corporate Presentations

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