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Non-Medication ADHD Management









Are you concerned that your child's ability to focus may be getting in the way of their success?

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of using labels and drugs as the approach to addressing

this issue? This book offers a step-by-step guide to how we have been able to address our children’s lack of focus, extra energy and grumpiness without medication for the past 7 years.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the mother of two sons---one of whom has struggled

with ADHD symptoms---I have had to think outside the box to help my child succeed while

keeping his body free of psychotropic medication and without a formal diagnosis. My husband

and I utilized a myriad of interventions in the home, at his schools and in our community, that improved our son’s ability to focus. We also have a younger son who does not have ADHD symptoms. It would have been difficult to have them living so differently, so we also used the interventions with him. Eventually we observed an overall decrease in his crying and


This book can be used by anyone striving to have a more structured and organized home.

You will see where we had success as well as where we struggled. When creating this

lifestyle we understood that this natural approach would have its share of obstacles, and it

did. However, the rewards far outweighed those challenges.  Our sons excel at public

speaking, win awards, are outgoing, and creative. If I had to do it all over again I would do it

in a heartbeat. This is our life. This is our journey.









Our Alternative Holistic Program to Increase Childhood Focus and Decrease Moodiness

As a parent who has a child who is curious, excited about learning, and full of energy, it can be difficult trying to navigate in a school system where classrooms have 30 plus kids to one teacher. 35 years ago a child with ADHD symptoms could still do well in school but with so much emphasis on testing, this type of child is now being forced to learn quicker and with less one-on-one assistance to help him pay attention so that they can absorb the material.  This then affects their ability to be able to tap into the information when taking the test. It is also difficult for them to focus while taking the test as their mind is often on ten other things like the beautiful butterfly outside the window, or the way that  friend's hair is curling around his ear.

This program provides a comprehensive step-by-step way to help the child without using psychotropic medication. It consists of a psycho social assessment concluding a diagnosis if applicable that provides insight into what the child is experiencing. It includes information on changes that can be made in the home, child's diet, and school environment. It offers support on how to navigate through the school system as well as how to address any barriers or opposition faced in the school, home and or community, while this natural approach is being used. This program also introduces alternative tools and instruments that can be used to provide additional support. In addition referrals to supplemental health care practitioners needs are given.



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This book is so concise and well written, that I read it in one sitting. The educational system can be so negative and overwhelming when trying to get help for your children. It can be demoralizing, but Mrs. Phillips Brown's practical and straightforward advice has a calming effect. I love the motivational feel of it. The tips are straightforward, and I feel capable of implementing some of the dietary plan right away. I highly recommend this book , if you need help feeling empowered to help your child be the best that they can be.
L.M. "Mom"

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the book you wrote was fantastic!!! It was very inspirational and it will give all parents who are dealing with any type of issue with their child, new hope and some great ideas to try. You encourage parents to advocate and support their child no matter what others tell them. Even though medication was not something you wanted for your child, you did allow other parents to make their own decisions about that. It is a book that I look forward to reading a second and third time! You break down things into very easy steps so the parent does not feel overwhelmed. Awesome job!!
Debbi D. OTR/L
Licensed Occupational Therapist (Mom)

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