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Finding the right career and succesfully growing within it can be a very exciting process. Here at New Perspectives we can assist you in the following areas: 


  • Goal Clarity

  • Interview Skills

  • Navigating Office Dynamics

  • Balance Work and Family Life

  • Earning The Money You Deserve

  • Breaking Through Barriers


"Kasey has been awesome! She listens to me about career and financial challenges and provides guidance on how to keep things in order. Because of Kasey encouraging me to take a leap of faith, I applied for and was offered an amazing job with flexibility so I can juggle my career and family. I wasn't going to apply... didn't think I had a chance of actually getting a call back. I was wrong! Thanks Kasey for giving me the supportive "push" I needed." M.C.


Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions


"Kasey Brown is such a personable and deeply caring person. Her energetic appeal is contagious and approachable. When counseling and facilitating she is such a calm presence and really helps you to have a open space to gain insight and move towards your hopes and goals. Kasey was a key motivator in my pursuing my personal styling business as well as pursing my MFT License. She's a great source of guidance and really has a heart for coaching." B.J.


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