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   Planting seeds of change

















At New Perspectives, we offer a holistic approach to enhance the mind, body and soul.


Our Life Coaching Program is for you if you can benefit from:

  • Strengthening and or evaluating your relationships

  • Identifying issues that impact your ability to grow in your career

  • Exploring how to work through family issues

  • Obtaining balance in your life

  • Improving your communication skills 





Our Career Consulting Program is for you if you can benefit from:

  • Learning how to clarify and establish your career goals

  • Increasing your interviewing skills

  • Exploring how to navigate office dynamics

  • Earning the money you deserve




Our Wellness Program is for you if you can benefit from:

  • A personalized weight loss program

  • Access to a health coach to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals

  • Obtaining information on nutrition and physical activity

  • A personalized meal plan




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At New Perspectives, our goal is to plant seeds of change in people who are seeking growth and insight. It is often difficult to seek assistance and once the search begins it is often halted if the right connection isn't made between the client and coach. Here at New Perspectives we understand that people are often at different stages in their lives when they walk through our doors. For those seeking comfort, we offer empathy. For those seeking hope we offer inspiration. For those ready to take steps in new directions, we offer motivation. We are where you are.
















Kasey Phillips Brown, LCSW is the CEO and founder of New Perspectives. She has been in the helping profession for over 20yrs.





"Kasey has introduced me to a new approach that has helped me become more effective with my clients.
She is supportive, clear encouraging,and concise. She has a very positive outlook and style." S.M.





"Kasey helped me on the morning I had to view my father's body before the world said goodbye to him. She walked me through one of my deepest moments of grief helping me to understand that it was okay to have that moment in order to move to the next." M.L.W





Manage ADHD without medication.


At New Perspectives, we offer a program that addresses ADHD symptoms without using psychotropic medication. It consists of a psycho social assessment including a diagnosis, if needed. We provide helpful information on dietary changes. We also offer guidance on how to navigate around any barriers or opposition you may face in school, home and or community, while this natural approach is being used. We introduce tools and instruments that can be used to provide supplemental support. In addition, referrals to supplemental health care practitioners will be given. We understand first hand the challenges of trying to address ADHD naturally. We are here to offer hope.



"If I had to think of one word to describe Kasey, I would say that Kasey is AWESOME!!! She is very genuine and cares a lot about helping others. Kasey  helps me by lending an ear and giving objective feedback. E.B.







"Mrs. Phillips Brown is a force of nature. She is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her desire to help others is boundless. Personally, her support and ideas helped me create an action plan to better manage my social anxiety. Knowing her has helped me grow both personally and professionally." L.M.





"Kasey is a phenomenal motivator. She keeps me focused and positive. Could not ask for better." S.D.







"When you make a choice, you change the future."

Deepak Chopra

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